Duct Tape Crafts – Die Cut Use #10 Turkey

duct tape crafts

Duct Tape Turkey

Another unique and elegant use for scallop circle duct tape die cuts… Turkey Place Cards!  I’m always trying to find fun ways to add turkey details to my Thanksgiving table.

duct tape crafts

I cut the gold scallop circle die cuts into quarters and used them as the tail feathers.  Then I cut a circle out of brown duct tape and a pointed oval shape out of silver duct tape for the head.  What I love about duct tape crafts is how easy they are to peel off and stick anywhere, not to mention the shiny effect for a little glamour in every occasion.

duct tape crafts

I made it to #10 duct tape crafts using my scallop circle die cuts.  Join me on my journey to find 101 duct tape crafts!

I’d love to hear from you!  Tell me how you decorate with turkeys and what shiny accents you love for Christmas!

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Duct Tape Holiday Crafts – Thanksgiving Tree

The Final Four!  Here it is, as promised, the final duct tape tree in my Thanksgiving Centerpiece Village.  As always, fun and easy duct tape crafts to decorate for any occasion.

duct tape holiday crafts

This one might be my favorite.  I cut strips of duct tape into rounded half-ovals and taped them to a paper cone.  It kind of looks like owl feathers.  Very autumny and woodlandy… I love it!

duct tape holiday crafts

Have I made you sick of duct tape trees yet?  Hopefully not… stay tuned for my upcoming Christmas version of these duct tape holiday crafts.

Tell me your ideas for decorating for Christmas, I’d love to hear from you!

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Duct Tape Crafts – Die Cut Use #9 Thanksgiving Tree


The third tree in my Thanksgiving Tree Village makes duct tape die cut use #9!  If you haven’t noticed, I might be obsessed with trees!  This is one of many fun and easy duct tape crafts for the holidays.  I love that this one uses my duct tape scallop circle die cuts.

duct tape holiday crafts

I made the scallop circle die cuts in shiny brown duct tape, then cut them into quarters.  This makes a fun and easy textured looking tree.

duct tape holiday tree

I can’t wait to show you my fourth and final duct tape tree in my Thanksgiving Village this year.  Stay tuned tomorrow for more details.

I’d love to hear from you.  Tell me your ideas for holiday crafts using duct tape.  Tell me your favorite fall colors to decorate for Thanksgiving.

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Duct Tape Holiday Crafts – Tree

Another addition to your Thanksgiving table!  This fun and elegant gold duct tape holiday crafts tree is made from strips of my famous duct tape ruffle.  I loved the idea of bringing some more fall colors to the table.


I love this combination with the yellow and gold trees.  Stay tuned for more fall trees for the Thanksgiving table.

Wouldn’t it be fun to make a whole Christmas village of trees??  I’ve got some ideas in the works, but I’d love to hear from you.  What Christmas themed decorations are you planning this year?  What are your favorite Christmas color combinations?




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Stick or Treat! Duct Tape Crafts

Are you ready to get your pumpkin on??  I LOVE duct tape crafts and duct tape contests!  Here’s a chance to get your creative Halloweeny juices flowing!  Stick or Treat is a contest from Duck Brand, the best duct tape around.

Making your Jack-O-Lantern


Enter your craziest DUCT TAPE JACK-O-LANTERN here and check out last year’s winners too.  They’re offering $1,000.00 cash prize for first place, $500.00 for second place, and $250.00 for third place. The contest opens September 23rd and ends October 31st.  Judging is based on originality, workmanship, use of color, and of course use of DUCT TAPE!

I definitely have some ideas of what to enter with my own Elegant Duck style.  I’ll post them here!

Meanwhile, checkout my other Halloween inspired duct tape products!


Halloween Duct Tape Wallet



Halloween Business Card Holder

As always, contact me here for custom orders or to tell me about your fun Halloween DUCT TAPE crafts!  I’d love to hear from you!



Don’t Forget the Groomsmen Gifts!

I love the idea of giving uniquely personalized GROOMSMEN gifts!  And not just with an initial for their name.  Why not highlight their heritage or support their favorite sports team?  I can do flags, NFL teams, College teams, or any color or pattern you wish (maybe one with a moustache or even bacon on the front!).  They have come up with all kinds of great new duct tape and I’m happy to design one that is as unique as each of your groomsmen.

I’d love to hear what other people have given for their grooms or groomsmen gifts.  I gave my husband a helicopter ornament for our wedding.  He said he wanted to learn how to fly and I told him it was the most dangerous thing ever… but that I would support his dreams no matter what.  Needless to say, he has never taken flying lessons!

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How to Make a Duct Tape Wallet


I love to craft!!!  And I know other people love to craft!  I decided to share one of my patterns for the men’s style bifold duct tape wallets so that other crafters could learn how to make a duct tape wallet too.  The best part of crafting is adding your own personalized touches to each project.  That’s what I love most!  This is a clean cut design that helps minimize sticky edges.  In this downloadable PDF, I share my tried and true tips and tricks I have acquired over the years in making this design.  I use scissors only because I have little ones in my house and I don’t like the idea of using razor blades or exact o knives.

Check back in for additional patterns I will be adding soon for my women’s wallets and business card holders.  As always, I love custom orders and would love to dissect any duct tape project and break it down into a pattern for all to enjoy.



What do you like to make out of duct tap?  I’d love to hear from you!

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