Duct Tape Holiday Crafts – Thanksgiving Tree

The Final Four!  Here it is, as promised, the final duct tape tree in my Thanksgiving Centerpiece Village.  As always, fun and easy duct tape crafts to decorate for any occasion.

duct tape holiday crafts

This one might be my favorite.  I cut strips of duct tape into rounded half-ovals and taped them to a paper cone.  It kind of looks like owl feathers.  Very autumny and woodlandy… I love it!

duct tape holiday crafts

Have I made you sick of duct tape trees yet?  Hopefully not… stay tuned for my upcoming Christmas version of these duct tape holiday crafts.

Tell me your ideas for decorating for Christmas, I’d love to hear from you!

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Duct Tape Crafts Tree Center Piece


Decorating for the holidays is a great way to add personal touches to your home!  I will be sharing easy and fun duct tape crafts to decorate for the holidays.  Starting with this fall themed duct tape tree in shiny yellow.  The great thing about duct tape is that it’s sturdy, durable, easy to work with, and comes in lots of colors and patterns.  I just made a simple cone shape out of regular printer paper.  I then cut pieces of duct tape and placed them around the paper cone.  I then tied a pretty fall ribbon around the tree to finish it off.

Think about the possibilities for this with different colors and patterns of duct tape.  This would also make a great gift for Christmas or a hostess gift.  If you’re not bringing the turkey or green bean casserole, bring this fun and easy duct tape crafts tree to the Thanksgiving table this year.  I’d love to make one for you.  Check my shop for custom orders!

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