Breast Cancer Warrior

It’s PINKtober!  I love that every year we all rally together in October and celebrate the survivors of breast cancer and support those still fighting.  I love that it has become so common place to see pink everywhere, even on the NFL!  One of my favorite websites and campaigns is the Ford Warriors in Pink line of clothes.  The website is well done and the clothes are cool and gorgeous.  Plus, 100% of the proceeds are donated to help breast cancer charities.  Check it out!

I’ve always been a fan of spreading PINKtober year round.  Check out my PINK duct tape wallets.  I donate 50% of all PINK sales to breast cancer research.

We are more powerful in numbers… I know we will see the cure for cancer in our lifetime… we just have to!

I’d love to hear your Warriors in Pink stories, share them here.

I also love custom orders and would love to donate PINK duct tape items for your charity events.

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How to Make a Duct Tape Wallet


I love to craft!!!  And I know other people love to craft!  I decided to share one of my patterns for the men’s style bifold duct tape wallets so that other crafters could learn how to make a duct tape wallet too.  The best part of crafting is adding your own personalized touches to each project.  That’s what I love most!  This is a clean cut design that helps minimize sticky edges.  In this downloadable PDF, I share my tried and true tips and tricks I have acquired over the years in making this design.  I use scissors only because I have little ones in my house and I don’t like the idea of using razor blades or exact o knives.

Check back in for additional patterns I will be adding soon for my women’s wallets and business card holders.  As always, I love custom orders and would love to dissect any duct tape project and break it down into a pattern for all to enjoy.


What do you like to make out of duct tap?  I’d love to hear from you!

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