Twelve Days of Duct Tape Christmas Ornaments 9

I can’t believe I never thought of this before… a traditional Christmas ball ornament as the head of an angel!  With a little sparkly duct tape for the body and my lattice duct tape die cut as the wings… and presto change-o… Duct Tape Christmas Ornament #9.

Join me for just three more Twelve Days of Duct Tape Christmas Ornaments.  Stay tuned for a free pattern on the Twelfth Day.

I’d love to hear from you.  Tell me how you like this ornament and how you would make it differently?


Duct Tape Pirate Costume for Dogs


Make your last minute Halloween costume out of Duct Tape!!  Check out this adorable duct tape pirate costume for dogs!  My neighbor’s sweet puppy Koko was the best duct tape model for this.  The complete set with pirate coat and jolly roger sparkly hat are the perfect costume for your furry little ones.

I love that duct tape can make just about anything.  It’s perfect for Halloween.  Add details or customize your costume with duct tape accessories.


Check out Koko’s killer pirate sword!


Argh me mateys!!

I’d love to hear from you!  Tell me how you plan to dress up your pet this Halloween.  If you need any last minute Halloween costume ideas, contact me here.  I’d love to brainstorm with you and come up with some easy duct tape crafts you can do yourself.  I’ll even tell you how to make this cute duct tape pirate costume!

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Duct Tape Crafts – Die Cut Use #5 Pendant

Just in time for Halloween.  I made this fun duct tape crafts out of my favored scallop circle die cut.  Sticking two duct tape die cuts together and adding an eyelet, I easily created this durable pendant for any occasion.  I love to add a little sparkle in every project.  This one is no different.  Adding a spider and a velvet ribbon, this pendant becomes a fun choker necklace perfect for Halloween parties or a fun addition to your Halloween costume.

Tell me your ideas for making duct tape die cuts into pendant necklaces.  Party favors, holidays, bridesmaids gifts… the possibilities are endless.

Contact me here for a full description of this and other duct tape crafts from The Elegant Duck.


Duct Tape Halloween Costumes

It’s that time of year… breakout the superhero masks!  I recently made this fun and easy duct tape craft for my kids.  They were attending a birthday party and had to dress as superheros.  The best way to find the perfectly matching mask is to make one yourself.  Stay tuned for more kids masks patterns, coming soon!  I’d love to hear your ideas!

gold duct tape

Superhero Arm Bands

Checkout another idea for Superhero Arm Bands.  My friend Lisa made these sparkling cool wrist cuffs for her little Superhero Easton using toilet paper rolls wrapped in shiny gold duct tape.  She also added elastic for adjustable easy on and off.

Whether it’s duct tape masks or duct tape arm band, these are the perfect durable duct tape crafts for dress up, duct tape Halloween costumes, and all kinds of kids fun!


Contact me here for a free pattern and instructions on how to make these duct tape masks.  If you’re short on time, visit my etsy shop (duct-tape-halloween-costume-mask) to custom order the perfect mask for your little superhero, just in time for Halloween.