Twelve Days of Duct Tape Christmas Ornaments 8

Just a small variation from yesterday’s Winter Wonderland, today’s duct tape Christmas ornament features my lattice duct tape die cuts.  Still using the small almond shape pieces all over in white, I added the lattice duct tape die cut (cut in half) in shiny silver to the center perimeter of the sphere.  I love modern looking geometric shapes and I’d love to try this in different colors.

I’m discovering that I only think in two color combinations for Christmas.  What are your favorite combinations?  I love the idea of non-traditional colors like pink and blue, but I have a hard time pulling them off.  I’m very curious how people decorate their tree and home.  Share your ideas here.

As always, contact me for more details on this and other duct tape holiday crafts.  Join me tomorrow for a new take on the Christmas ball ornament as we continue our Twelve Days of Duct Tape Christmas Ornaments!