Twelve Days of Duct Tape Christmas Ornaments 5- Die Cut Use #12

Here’s my new favorite two-fer!  This fun and easy duct tape holiday crafts is #5 in my Twelve Days of Duct Tape Ornaments and #12 in my journey to find 101 uses for scallop circle duct tape die cuts.  And what a cute little two-fer it is.

I simply cut a circle in two of my scallop circle duct tape die cuts (in this cute red and white candy cane pattern).  Then I cut two small picture to fit the holes and taped them together like a picture frame.  This is a two sided ornament!  You could put a photo on one side and a message on the other.  You could also add a clear window protector on top to preserve the ornament forever.

I also just thought about a quick way to do this without having to cut the duct tape.  You could also just cut a picture in a circle and tape it on top of the scallop circle duct tape die cut.  This way wouldn’t be as clean cut, but would give the same effect.

Wouldn’t it be fun to do a whole tree of these in different colors?  Ok, that’ll have to wait for next year maybe!!

I’d love to hear from you!  Tell me your ideas and how you would turn this scallop circle duct tape die cut into a fun and easy duct tape ornament and duct tape holiday crafts!

Contact me here for more details on this and other duct tape holiday crafts.  Also, stay tuned for 7 for days of Duct Tape Christmas Ornaments.



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