Duct Tape Holiday Crafts – Die Cut Use #13 Advent Calendar

duct tape holiday crafts

This was a fun duct tape holiday crafts that I tried to involve my two year olds with.  However, I would recommend this for slightly older kids.  My kids did great at just tapping the stickers, after I put them on the window.  But a fun Duct Tape take on an advent calendar, nonetheless.

duct tape holiday crafts

Using one duct tape scallop circle die cut in light green for each day, I added each number with a silver sharpie (I used red for the 25th).  I love the idea for older kids to stick on the number each day and draw a little picture next to the number or add stickers to decorate it.  Duct tape is highly durable and can easily being taken on and off any glass surface.  Great to reuse year after year.

Contact me here for a free duct tape star pattern and for more details on this duct tape holiday craft.



Die Cut – Name That Shape


I love this… but what the heck do you call it??  How would you describe this shape… is it filigree… scroll… or that swirly thingy (the official technical term)?

I’ve recently added DUCT TAPE DIE CUT shapes to my Etsy shop so that everyone can take crafting to their own level.  I’d love to see what you come up with.  With all the new cell phone cases and electronic devices, of course we all want to personalize our stuff to make it more of our own and to express who we are!  What better way to do that than with super-durable-comes-in-every-color DUCT TAPE!!


Tell me your ideas and what you would like to decorate with this frilly die cut… and gosh darnit, tell me what the dang nabbit to call it!!!! 🙂

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