Duct Tape Crafts – Die Cut Use #8 Thanksgiving Wreath

If you’re like me, finding the perfectly elegant and non-cheesy door wreath for every holiday is a challenge.  I’ve always thought my house looks more homey and cozy with a door wreath, but it’s hard to find the best one for every season of the year.  Well, now I have a solution and surprise, surprise… it involves duct tape crafts!  I’ve taken my scallop circle die cuts and made them into a more permanent door wreath that I can add to and dress up for each and every holiday and season of the year!


With fall accents in brown and gold, these Thanksgiving duct tape crafts holiday wreaths are the perfect welcoming addition to your door for holiday guests.



I’d love to hear from you!  Tell me how you plan to decorate for Thanksgiving and how duct tape can play a role in all the elegant details.  I’d also love to hear what color of scallop circle duct tape wreath would work for a year-round door detail.

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Duct Tape Crafts – Die Cut Use #7 Shoes


Another handy duct tape crafts using scallop circle die cuts.  Have you ever had brand new beautiful high heels, only to bring them home and find them super slippery on your tile or hardwood floor?  A great way to give traction to those slippery heels is to add a scallop circle duct tape die cut on the bottom.  A pretty personalized addition to your new purchase.

I added these easy to peel off duct tape die cuts in shiny white duct tape and precision cut into these beautiful scallop circles.  Using a silver marker I added “I DO” for a fun little detail for any bride.

Available in any color or any pattern of duct tape.  Add any phrase, letter, personalization on the die cuts for a great customized gift.  Perfect for brides, bridesmaids, Christmas or Holiday parties.  Contact me here with your ideas and to find out more details for this easy and fun duct tape crafts.

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Duct Tape Crafts – Die Cut Use #6 Candle


The Holidays are upon us!  I LOVE to decorate my home and I love adding new craft projects every year.  Here’s a fun and easy duct tape crafts that can be added anywhere for any holiday.  First I added a sparkly embellishment (I told you I love the bling) to one of my easy peel off scallop circle die cuts in white duct tape.  Then I added the whole thing to this inexpensive black candle.  My head is spinning with ideas for different holidays in different colors with different accent pieces in jewels and ribbon.  This would also make a great personalized wedding present, hostess gift, or housewarming gift.  Think about all the holiday parties coming up!

Tell me your ideas here and stay tuned for more holiday decorating and easy fun duct tape crafts from The Elegant Duck!

Duct Tape Crafts – Die Cut Use #5 Pendant

Just in time for Halloween.  I made this fun duct tape crafts out of my favored scallop circle die cut.  Sticking two duct tape die cuts together and adding an eyelet, I easily created this durable pendant for any occasion.  I love to add a little sparkle in every project.  This one is no different.  Adding a spider and a velvet ribbon, this pendant becomes a fun choker necklace perfect for Halloween parties or a fun addition to your Halloween costume.

Tell me your ideas for making duct tape die cuts into pendant necklaces.  Party favors, holidays, bridesmaids gifts… the possibilities are endless.

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Elegant Glow in the Dark – Stick or Treat

Here it is!!  My entry is in!!  I’ve entered these fun glow in the dark duct tape pumpkins in the Duck Brand Stick or Treat Halloween duct tape crafts contest.  Tell me what you think!

Would you make this for your home?  I used my filigree duct tape die cuts in glow in the dark duct tape (yes, they have that now!).  Duck Brand duct tapes also now come in little duct tape mini rolls that are thinner and easier to work with for more detailed projects.  The glow in the dark comes in the mini roll too.  I used this for my glow in the dark chevron pumpkin, which is kind of my new favorite!

I’m still working on getting a good night picture to show them glowing in the dark.  I think I can get them to glow better if they were in more direct sun, but they are on a north facing entry way that sees a lot of shade throughout the day.  I’d love to hear any suggestions on this!

What would you make with Glow in the Dark duct tape??

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Duct Tape Halloween Crafts – Die Cut Use #4 Garland

Here are some fun and easy Duct Tape Halloween Crafts!  Make a sandwich out of two scallop circle duct tape die cuts and a piece of string or ribbon in between.  I used shiny silver string and all black scallop circle duct tape die cuts.  But you could use any color and any ribbon.  A decorative or spooky Halloween ribbon with coordinating colors of duct tape die cuts would be really fun.  The perfect homemade decorations for your next Halloween party.

We’ve made it to Use #4 for my scallop circle duct tape die cuts.  Join me in my challenge to find 101 duct tape crafts using these die cuts.  Share your ideas here or sign up for all the latest ideas from The Elegant Duck.

Duct Tape Crafts – Die Cut Use #3

scallop circle die cuts scallop circle die cuts scallop circle die cuts scallop circle die cuts

Another fun use for duct tape die cuts!  My twins just turned 2!  I can’t believe it!  I love home made party decorations and I love how these turned out.  I bought these inexpensive pennant banners in coordinating colors and then attached my easy stick scallop circle die cuts in coordinating colored duct tape.  Then I layered on rhinestone letters for my sparkly girl and gunmetal pirate letters for my handsome boy!  A great fun easy way to make personalized party decorations for any occasion!

I’d love to hear from you!   Tell me what party decorations you’ve made or semi-homemade!

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Duct Tape Crafts – Die Cut Use #2

The long awaited use #2 for Scalloped Circle Duct Tape Die Cuts is here.  This is a great way to give a special personalized gift for someone.  I love to journal and I love duct tape crafts.  I also love to give journals as a gift.  They come in all kinds of cool colors, designs, and styles.  The perfect gift for that perfect someone.  Now, with a simple sticky on duct tape die cut, in the color of your choice (zebra perhaps), your store bought journal gift can look like it was made just for the recipient.  Add a little rhinestone initial (you know I’m a fan of the bling) and it becomes a sparkly elegant gift to love everyday!

Scallop Circle Die Cuts

Stay tuned for the next 99 uses for my scalloped circle duct tape die cuts.  I’d love to hear your ideas for using scalloped die cuts and how we could turn it into an elegantly durable duct tape project!

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Die Cut – Name That Shape


I love this… but what the heck do you call it??  How would you describe this shape… is it filigree… scroll… or that swirly thingy (the official technical term)?

I’ve recently added DUCT TAPE DIE CUT shapes to my Etsy shop so that everyone can take crafting to their own level.  I’d love to see what you come up with.  With all the new cell phone cases and electronic devices, of course we all want to personalize our stuff to make it more of our own and to express who we are!  What better way to do that than with super-durable-comes-in-every-color DUCT TAPE!!


Tell me your ideas and what you would like to decorate with this frilly die cut… and gosh darnit, tell me what the dang nabbit to call it!!!! 🙂

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Duct Tape Crafts Die Cut Use #1


Challenge Accepted!!!  I am challenging myself to find 101 uses for my Scalloped Circle Duct Tape Die Cuts!  Here is Use #1!

SO, I DROPPED my brand new cell phone!  Grrrr!  I was on my way to the splash pad with the twins and my perfectly new cell phone fell out of the stroller!  Sadly, but thankfully, only the back cracked and shattered.  I think I’ve been leaving little bits of plastic shards all over the place.  I tried to replace it with our warranty, but the phone is so new it is apparently on back order.


SO, handy dandy crafty girl to the rescue!  I simply attached one of my easy-to-peel-off precisely cut scalloped circle die cuts in gorgeously teal duct tape to the back of my phone, directly over the worst part of the cracked plastic… and TA DA… cell phone fixed!  At least for the time being until my phone is no longer on back order… And it even looks pretty and makes me happy too!  Every girl should wake up to a little bling rhinestone initial on her cell phone!!


This is Scalloped Circle Duct Tape Die Cut use #1!!  Stay tuned for 100 more uses, brought to you by The Elegant Duck!

I’d love to hear from you!  Tell me your ideas for using Duct Tape Die Cuts to help make our every day world just a little more elegant!